MTC Day 3

We started the day talking about what it means to be a missionary and who we want to become during our mission. Then we spent the morning preparing lessons to teach our other companionship.

After lunch we received training in the Gospel app. It was interesting and informative. They should probably give it to all the members of the church.

At lunch we met two amazing Elders. We want you to meet Elder Yeh and Elder Liu. Elder Yeh is on the right in the photograph. Elder Yeh is from Tiawan. He is in the MTC learning English so he can serve in the Riverside California Mission. He is assigned to speak Mandarin and English. He is a funny and polite Elder. He is just learning English. His favorite American foods are steak and ice cream.

Elder Liu is from mainland China. Yes – mainland China. He is the only member of the church in his family. At age 11 he told his father he wanted to worship God. His mother was a Buddhist and his father had no religion. He attended a Christian church in China. At age 17, before coming to America, they told him to find a Christian church because people of God would not hurt him and would treat him good. He came to America and stayed with an LDS family and ultimately joined the church. He wanted to serve a mission contrary to his parents wishes. He speaks English very well. He is very polite, kind and confident with a great sense of humor. We all laughed as he told us about the Korean Elders that barely spoke English trying to teach him the gospel when he barely knew English. He is a sharp Elder. I see him is church leadership soon after returning from his mission.

What a wonderful – faith filled- spirtual day.

Elder Liu and Elder Yeh
Where they are from
Where they are going

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