MTC Day 2

Today we were taught about the doctrine of Christ. We were also instructed in how to extend invitations to people to follow Christ. We also spent time getting to know the other companionship we would be spending time with teaching and learning from. We were assigned President and Sister Cahoon. He is a counselor in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission. They are amazing people who have lived in several different places including Australia. We have developed a great love for them. They requested to have the MTC experience as they began to serve.

We watched an amazing video from Elder Bednar about following the promptings of the spirit. He shared an experience with President Packer where he gave him 20 marks in Germany and the effect of that simple prompting. We also watched a video from Elder Holland about how important the Book of Mormon is in missionary work. We discovered the MTC has a video library of MTC talks that no one else has access to. They are truly amazing. It’s too bad we can’t get copies.

Just before lunch we met Elder Blackwelder. He has been called to the Singapore mission and is learning Chinese. He still has a month in the MTC but it will be fun seeing him when he arrives in the mission field. He is a great elder.

There are two sisters we want you to meet – Sister Kim and Sister Doru. They were kind enough to let me take their picture. We met them during lunch and had lots of fun talking to them. Sister Kim is from South Korea. Her family joined the church when she was 10. She is a sweet, kind, polite young lady. She is in the MTC learning English as she was called to the California Sacramento mission.

Sister Doru is an opinionated, funny, spunky firecracker. She is the only missionary currently in the MTC from Romania. Her family has always been in the church. She is also in the MTC learning English as she is going to the Pheonix Arizona mission. She speaks excellent English and learned a lot from the missionaries when she was younger. I get a kick out of her. She would not smile for me in the photograph. She said she was ready to leave the MTC after the first week. She has less than 1 week left and is looking forward to get into Arizona.

Sister Kim and Sister Doru
Where they are going
Where they are from
Sister Doru refusing to smile

There were so many senior couples that they took our pictures in groups. Here is the picture with our group.

Senior group photo

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